West Yorkshire Police – Safer Roads Media Submissions

Since July 1 West Yorkshire Police joined 22 other forces in England by opening a portal, for use by the public, for the submission of dash cam footage or other forms of digital media where a suspected offence relating to road safety has taken place.

The portal is an easy tool that can be used by all road users; drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, horse riders and motorcyclists. It facilitates the submission of footage of driving offences giving the public the power to assist forces in taking action against those who put other road users at risk.

There are a couple of rules to bear in mind when submitting footage:

•Incident occurred in the West Yorkshire Police force area
•Has been committed in the last 7 days
•There is sufficient evidence to prove an offence has been committed
•The VRM is clearly visible
•The footage is of a satisfactory quality to stand up in court
•The Reporting Person/Witness is willing to attend court
•The Reporting Person/Witness is willing to provide a statement
•The original footage is still available
•The footage has not been altered in anyway
•The incident does not involve an Road Traffic Collision
•The footage clearly shows whole incident, including the lead up
•The footage has not been uploaded to social media (if so it must be taken down)

For more information please visit https://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/SaferRoadsSubmissions