Bramhope Playground – re-open from 22nd October 2020

The playground at The Knoll on Breary Lane has be re-opened from 22nd October. The annual safety inspection has been conducted and the equipment is safe to use. The equipment has also been deep cleaned. As per government guidelines we would ask that parents adhere to the following when using the play area.

  1. The play area is only for the use of children up to the age of 13 years old
  2. Children must be accompanied by a responsible person (parent or carer) to ensure that children abide by social distancing guidelines. Please ensure that there is no more than one adult per child.
  3. The maximum number of children using the play area at any one time is 6
  4. Social distancing guidelines must be followed by people from different households whilst using the play area.
  5. If the play area is busy please come back at a quieter time and if you are waiting maintain social distancing.
  6. You should avoid touching your face.
  7. We do not clean equipment so you may choose to wipe it before touching it.
  8. Do not use the play area if you feel ill or if someone in your household feels ill.
  9. No eating, drinking, smoking or vaping in the play area.
  10. Be kind and keep your usage time short to allow everyone to play.
  11. Please try and use hand sanitiser where possible.
  12. Wash your hands with soap and water as soon as you return home.
  13. Please dispose of any wipes, masks or gloves in the bins provided.

Thank you for your co-operation