Remembrance Sunday – 8th November 2020

Remembrance Sunday will be marked in Bramhope with a simple ceremony that will pay tribute to the fallen of two world wars but will also observe the current Covid19 guidelines.
The traditional parade from the Village Hall to the Memorial Gardens will not take place this year.
A limited number of representatives of the Royal British Legion, the Parish Council, and youth organisations will assemble at the Memorial Gardens at 10.45 with the Reverend Tom Lusty and the Reverend Roger Smith for a short Act of Remembrance service. The event will be live streamed on the Parish Councils Facebook page and can also be accessed by following this link

The road closure will not be in place this year and we ask that residents do not gather to watch the event, in order to keep the number of people in the vicinity of the Memorial Garden to a minimum, but stay at home and mark the occasion by watching the live feed or the other national and local commemorations that will be broadcast or will be available online.

All participants in the service and any spectators will be required to supply their name and address for track and trace purposes.

Members of the Bramhope Branch of the Royal British Legion will also be recognising Remembrance Day at the Memorial Garden on 11th November 2020 at 11.00am.