CENSUS 21st March 2021

If you or anyone you know are unable to complete a digital census questionnaire below is a list of the various ways in which people can request a paper questionnaire to fill in and also how they can receive help to fill it in once it arrives. Please pass on this information to anyone who may need a paper questionnaire or assistance with completing the questionnaire. 1) Ordering a paper Census.

a) Phone the Contact Centre and ask for one. 0800 1412021.A family member, trusted friend or carer can also phone up on their behalf.This is an automated service, available 24/7.Choose Option 1 and type on the phone the ten digit number found on the RHS of the Census letter, when requested.

b) Phone the dedicated helpline to ask for one. 0800 876 6276.This has been added in case of higher volumes of calls. It is for ordering paper forms only.This is an automated service, available 24/7.Choose Option 1 and type in the ten digit code when requested.Or Choose Option 3 to speak to an adviser. This option allows for a large print version to be asked for and sent out.

Phone lines are open :-Mon to Fri 8am – 8pmSat 8am – 1pm, except on Sat 20th March 8am – 8pmSun closed ,except on Sun 21st March 8am – 8pmPlease note it can take 5 working days for the paper form to arrive after the request.

2) Completing the paper Census.

a) A family member, trusted friend or carer can help them to complete.

b) The person can phone the Contact Centre and choose option 3, speak to an adviser who will arrange to phone them back to complete it with them or for them. They will arrange an appointment at a convenient time to do this.

c) There is Text relay service to assist people with hearing or speech impairments. Dial 18001 followed by the phone number.

d) Household field support officers. These staff will not enter anyone’s home. They have been trained in Covid safety and have been provided with masks and hand sanitiser. They are not assisting in doorstep completion. They are simply signposting the help available to complete the census. They will be wearing a purple and yellow hi-vis vest and a census ID badge on a lanyard. They have been provided a black shoulder bag and phone. Please see attached photo of the outfits as the vests are quite distinctive.

Image of Census Officer