Bramhope in Bloom Litter Pick Sunday 2 May

Bramhope in Bloom held its first litter pick since lockdown and what a turnout we had. 27 adults, 6 young children and four Duke of Edinburgh candidates turned up. My usual lists of areas had to be extended and we ran out of litter pickers of all sizes. Fortunately with good humour and optimism everyone joined in.






One hour later bags, either full or part filled bags, were being returned or, as advised, left near a litter bin for the LCC men to pick up, which they did the same day.  What was in those bags beggared belief.  Half a scooter, pieces of metal, bottles, cans and oodles of cigarette ends were just some of the items removed from pathways, the Knoll, Breary Marsh where there appeared to have been group gatherings, car parks and up Leeds Road to Golden Acre Park, down Leeds Road to the Dyneley Arms, up to Harrogate Road and the junction of Moor Road and Otley Old Road and many other housing areas around Bramhope.  Incredible, as when I had previously reviewed areas, only a few days before, there appeared to be little or no litter about.

There are some residents in Bramhope who were given a Parish Council litter picker to keep previously and who go out whenever they can. They are John and Bob, Hilary, Anne and Ian, Lisa and Mark, Eithne and Willie for whom we are all most grateful. Also, I met the other day a couple, Judith and Richard, carrying a litter picker and bag. They told me that since the first lockdown, when they were dismayed at the amount of litter that was accruing, they took a positive stance and decided to do something about it.  They regularly pick up recycleable items, such as cans, glass bottles etc, which they then deposit in their own recycleable bin!  What caring people they all are.

The school is keen to promote safe litter picking with the children and have installed fabulous animal shaped litter bins in their playgrounds.  We can all play our part and take our litter home or deposit it in a nearby bin.  Please note, however, if the bin is full it must be taken home or to another bin nearby e.g. near the benches in front of the Tredgold shops there is a bin and another is located at the nearby bus stop. 

I fully appreciate that not all the litter is created by residents, which is most annoying, as we are all aware of the stuff that gets thrown out of cars passing through the village.  You may have seen people picking up litter in other areas of Leeds.  We all use purple bags so that LCC refuse department can determine how much is being done by residents. So please contact me if you would like a purple bag(s).  Unfortunately I cannot supply litter pickers to everyone but the one thing I would advise is to make sure that safety rules apply, a copy of which can be seen in notice boards.

Janet Hobson, Bramhope in Bloom – 07919087745,