Yorkshire Water works to Billams Hill, Otley – 24th – 28th May 2021

Yorkshire Water works will be taking place from 24th to 28th May, to repair a leaking washout hydrant, at the location of Billams Hill, Otley LS21 2AA, opposite the junction with Farnley Lane

To allow the repair work to be carried out and avoid cutting off vital supply to Wharfedale Hospital, they will need to install a bypass and the works carried out under 3 way signals, with the existing pedestrian crossing bagged off and a temporary one installed to maintain safe pedestrian access and in order to minimise disruption, the lights will be manned all day, it will also require the existing bus stop to be bagged off and temporary stop placed out further up Billams Hill,

There is likely to be unavoidable severe delays, however we will closely monitor the works to ensure this is kept to a minimum, with a view to making changes as the work progresses if the situation can be improved

Advanced warning signs will be placed out on site to warn motorists of the works and Yorkshire Water will letter drop residents and local businesses