A660 roundabout – Spring Wood Park/The Poplars

Residents have raised concerns about the design of the new roundabout after a series of collisions and near collisions.  The issue has been raised with Leeds City Council by Ward Councillors and Parish Councillors but unless there is evidence of incidents on or approaching the roundabout LCC Highways intend to wait until a year-end review of traffic on the A660.

Incidents are often only reported to insurance companies so they are not visible to Highways.  Accidents where there is injury or damage to road signs or other road furniture should be reported to the police.

If you are involved in a collision or a near miss on or approaching the roundabout please notify the police and/or the Parish Council.  Please email the Clerk clerk@bramhopecarlton-pc.gov.uk.  and supply the following details

Direction of travel
Description of incident
Was there damage or injury?