Bramhope Traffic Liaison Group

Parking, congestion and speeding issues are raised more and more frequently with the Parish Council.

In response to this the Bramhope Traffic Liaison Group has been set up to review local traffic and road safety issues and act as a communications channel between the community, the Parish Council and Leeds City Council.

The group is chaired by John Howard, Vice Chair of the Parish Council, and includes Ward Councillor Billy Flynn, representatives of BRACE (the group set up to address potential problems relating to the primary school expansion) and other interested parties.

Road traffic management is the responsibility of Leeds City Council Highways Department, but the Parish Council has a role in ensuring that traffic issues are brought to their attention and that solutions reflect the needs of the community as a whole.  Traffic and parking solutions to a problem at one location may just move the problem to a different place, so issues need to be looked at in their entirety rather than individually.

The Group has already developed a detailed list of known issues around the village, categorised by location and type.  The initial list has been delivered through Councillor Billy Flynn to the Traffic Officer responsible for assessing the impact of the expansion of the primary school.

The list will provide the basis for discussion at future meetings with LCC Highways to explore concerns, discuss potential solutions and their funding.  The list will be updated as further issues are raised and currently includes concerns regarding the impact of the expansion of the school, the safety of the new roundabout on the A660 and congestion on Eastgate.  Supporting evidence (photographs, video footage, accident and incident reports) will be included.

The creation of the Traffic Liaison Group does not prevent residents from raising an issue directly with their Ward Councillor.  If those issues are also notified to the Liaison Group, an overall picture can be built up.

Anyone wishing to report an issue to the group should email