Crime Reporting

Outer North West area policing team have highlighted that residents can report things to the police more easily and without having to wait to get through on the 101 number by reporting it via the website.
If a crime is in the process of being committed or there is an emergency, you must always call 999.
For noise nuisance, this does not fall to the police, but to the Council, a link to making a noise complaint is below:
You can also contact the noise nuisance team out of hours from 17:00 – 03:30 hours via telephone on 0113 376 0337
In respect of anti-social behaviour the Police advised that this falls between the police and LASBT (Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team), depending on the nature and longevity of the problem. Again it needs to be reported at the time to enable a log to be created and, if necessary, resources despatched.