Speed Limit – A660 – update regarding a review of the speed limit on A660 Leeds Road.

Speed Limit – A660 – update regarding a review of the speed limit on A660 Leeds Road.

The Parish Council regularly raises the speed limit on the A660 through Bramhope with Leeds City Council Highways as have the Ward Councillors. The increase in traffic after the end of lock down, increases in road and pedestrian traffic from the Spring Wood Estate and the likely increase in pedestrian traffic linked to the expansion of the Primary School are all factors that suggest the 40 mph limit should be reviewed and reduced to 30 mph.

LCC Highways have indicated that there will be a review of the A660 as a whole when traffic volumes return to 2019 levels and highway changes, including the changes to the traffic islands along the road are complete. The Traffic Liaison Group met with a senior LCC Highways officer in March to review known traffic issues in Bramhope. The A660 was discussed (including questions raised by Welcome to Bramhope). At present the average speed on the A660 during the peak daytime hours is 34.5 mph. (The most recent figures are from January 2022).

There is significant data on the impact of changing speed limits. It is estimated that changing the road to 30 mph would reduce the average speed by only 0.5 mph, as speed is strongly influenced by the road characteristics. The change to 30 mph at Adel is because of the very different road characteristics with many separate accesses direct onto the main road from commercial premises as well as higher density housing. There are clear Department of Transport Guidelines governing speed limits and the A660, against those guidelines should have a limit of 40 mph.

If requests are received to lower previously designated speed limits, a number of factors are taken into consideration, for example supporting evidence of the need for change such as data from speed surveys and on accidents/near accidents on the road, a change in the area surrounding the road, eg new developments, and road conditions.

SIDs tend to reduce average speeds by 2-3 mph and provide valuable speed data. The locations for two new SIDS, funded by Miller Homes, have recently been agreed and will be installed on the A660, in the coming months .

The Parish Council will continue to work with residents, Leeds City Council Ward Councillors and Leeds City Council Highways department to achieve safer roads for Bramhope.