E-scooter advice from West Yorkshire Police

West Yorkshire police don’t want to be a Grinch but please be aware of the laws before buying one of the below for your children this Christmas.

While it is legal to buy or sell an e-scooter, riding them on public roads, pavements or cycle lanes is currently against the law.

E-scooters are covered by the same laws and regulations that apply to all motor vehicles meaning they have to comply with the requirements of the roads traffic act 1988 i.e. tax, technical and safety standards. Where e-scooter are available to hire these rules do not need to be met.

The next category deals with bikes restricted to a top speed of 28mph. The law treats these in the same way as 50cc scooters, so riders must wear a helmet, the bike must be registered for tax (but road tax is free for electric bikes), wear a number plate and have an MOT once it hits three years old. You can’t ride these vehicles on motorways or in cycle lanes.

To ride one, you need to be at least 16 years old and have a provisional driving licence. You also need to take a CBT test and put L-plates on your bike, and you can’t carry a passenger. If you passed your driving test before 2001, you don’t need to sit a CBT or display L-plates.

For bikes with a top speed faster than 28mph and a power output of 11kW (125cc) or less, riders need a full driving licence and must pass a CBT test every two years.