LCC Highways recommend that the speed limit on the A660 though Bramhope should be reduced to 30 mph

LCC Highways recommend that the speed limit on the A660 though Bramhope should be reduced to 30 mph

Implementation likely to be Spring 2023

Leeds City Council Highways have completed the strategic review of the A660 trunk road requested by the Parish Council following the September Parish Council meeting.  In recent years the Parish Council and Ward Councillors Flynn and Anderson have regularly asked for a review of speed limits through Bramhope in the hope of a reduction to 30 mph. Covid, reduced traffic volumes post Covid and a need to assess the impact of the full occupancy of Spring Wood Park had delayed the review, but the Parish Council felt that so many measures were affecting the road that an overall assessment was required.

Highways had planned to implement larger traffic islands along the A660 as a traffic calming measure to avoid the need to reduce the speed limit.  (Government guidelines indicate the limit should be 40 mph.)  However, the A660 is designated as a key route for wide loads and no design could be found for the islands that provided sufficient width for abnormal loads.

As a result the Highways Officer has recommended that in the interests of road safety the speed limit on A660 Leeds Road from the Britannia Hotel to the Kings Road roundabout should be reduced to 30 mph.  West Yorkshire Police support this move, subject to a reassessment of speeds 12 months after implementation.  A report recommending this change, plus further measures to manage parking in the vicinity of Bramhope Primary School, will be presented to the Chief Officer for approval on 8th February.  Assuming the measure is approved the required public consultation and advertisement of legal orders will follow.  Implementation should take place in the Spring but this is subject to resolution of any objections received.

The 30 mph speed limit has been advocated by Ward Councillors and the Parish Council for several years, finally with a successful outcome.  Special mention must be made of the Welcome to Bramhope campaign whose petition emphasised to LCC Highways the importance of the issue to residents and helped bring the decision forward.