Bayton Lane – Road Closure w/c 30th October 2023

Following last weeks flooding where Bayton Lane had to be closed on Friday for a short period and yesterdays rain LCC need to carry out some urgent work to get the area cleaned up and the drainage kerbs/gully working at their full capacity.

Works will commence Monday 30th October 2023 under an urgent road closure order, between the hours of 09:30 – 15:00 each day, to at avoid peak traffic disruption as much as possible. It is anticipated works will take 3-5 days. This is due to some patching along the drainage kerbs and where the Golf Club old site entrance was when bringing in spoil to form the new driving range.

Unfortunately the lack of drainage on the Golf Club site has now exacerbated the problem as water on their land is ponding at the lowest point and running through the wall onto the highway.

There are some other areas of patching to undertake to bring the road back to a decent standard ahead of surface treatment works in future.

Forestry are also going to resource felling of a tree hanging over the road, which is understood to be dead and therefore at risk of falling.

Emergency Services on Blue Light calls will not be stopped from coming through, safely.