Fraud incident

The Parish Council has been notified of a fraud that has successfully targeted two elderly ladies in the Dewsbury area costing thousands of pounds.

The scam starts with a professional sounding automated message explaining there has been activity on their bank account and for the recipient to press 1 or 2 on their phone if this was not recognised.

The pressing of the button then transfers the unsuspecting victim to a human caller who in turn takes details and ‘transfers’ them onto another ‘department’.

The essence of the calls, which may vary slightly, attempts to convince the victim that their money is at risk from the local branch. Convincing the victim to withdraw money and send it off in the post or have someone collect it.

You may think that you would never fall for something like this, nor did the victims family. Please speak to your nearest and dearest about this and any other scams/frauds. Lots of information available at . Banks will NEVER ask you to withdraw money so Take Five mins and ask someone.