Sewer Connection works affecting the A660, Otley Road in Adel

Sewer Connection works affecting the A660, Otley Road in Adel ( just south of Kingsley Drive) are due to start this Saturday 23th Oct and will require 2 way traffic lights to manage traffic around the work zone
The proposed end date for the works is currently the 7th November
Given the location and size of the required excavations, the lights will have to remain in situ for the duration of the works
Advanced warning signs have been in place to inform regular road users
Due to the volume of work to be carried out here the teams will be working 7 days a week to get the works completed as quickly as possible
The lights will be manually operated to ensure that the queues are managed as efficiently as possible but given the traffic sensitive nature of this road, delays should be expected. Especially during morning and evening peak hours


The Open Village Forum scheduled for 13th October has been cancelled.

Your Parish Council has made this decision with great regret.

The purpose of the meeting was to report back to residents on parish council finances and activities, and in particular explain funds from the Community Infrastructure Levey and consult on possible uses of that money.  A number of village organisations were also invited to attend to showcase their contribution to the community.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 is still widespread in the community, and the long term outlook is still uncertain.  The Paris Council felt it would be irresponsible to hold a meeting in a packed hall and that social distancing was necessary.  Best practice for indoor venues means a limitation on attendance numbers at the Village Hall that would be far below the likely demand.  Consideration was given to an all-ticket event but there were insurmountable problems relating to a fair distribution of tickets, the lack of which would invalidate the forum as a consultation exercise.

In its place the Parish Council will produce an Annual Report covering all the topics that would have been presented at the Open Village Forum, and offering the means to comment on the Parish Council’s activities and plans.  This report will be delivered to every household in Bramhope and Carlton.

The Council will contact village organisations individually to find alternative means of publicising their activities.

Bramhope Traffic Liaison Group

Parking, congestion and speeding issues are raised more and more frequently with the Parish Council.

In response to this the Bramhope Traffic Liaison Group has been set up to review local traffic and road safety issues and act as a communications channel between the community, the Parish Council and Leeds City Council.

The group is chaired by John Howard, Vice Chair of the Parish Council, and includes Ward Councillor Billy Flynn, representatives of BRACE (the group set up to address potential problems relating to the primary school expansion) and other interested parties.

Road traffic management is the responsibility of Leeds City Council Highways Department, but the Parish Council has a role in ensuring that traffic issues are brought to their attention and that solutions reflect the needs of the community as a whole.  Traffic and parking solutions to a problem at one location may just move the problem to a different place, so issues need to be looked at in their entirety rather than individually.

The Group has already developed a detailed list of known issues around the village, categorised by location and type.  The initial list has been delivered through Councillor Billy Flynn to the Traffic Officer responsible for assessing the impact of the expansion of the primary school.

The list will provide the basis for discussion at future meetings with LCC Highways to explore concerns, discuss potential solutions and their funding.  The list will be updated as further issues are raised and currently includes concerns regarding the impact of the expansion of the school, the safety of the new roundabout on the A660 and congestion on Eastgate.  Supporting evidence (photographs, video footage, accident and incident reports) will be included.

The creation of the Traffic Liaison Group does not prevent residents from raising an issue directly with their Ward Councillor.  If those issues are also notified to the Liaison Group, an overall picture can be built up.

Anyone wishing to report an issue to the group should email

Neighbourhood Policing Team – Contact Point Engagement Meeting – Sunday 18th July 2021

On Sunday 18th July, local officers & crime prevention officers will be giving the residents of Adel and Wharfedale ward the opportunity to meet informally and seek advice on any issues we can assist them with.
The contact point will be held for members of the public residing in the Adel & Wharfedale ward.
We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.
Date: Sunday 18th July 2021
Time: 11:00 – 13:00
Location: Farrar Lane at the junction with Otley Road, in front of Paul Khoo Opticians.

LCC Household Waste Collections

LCC are currently experiencing ongoing challenges  with regards to waste collection services in the Leeds area.

As the Covid infection rate continues at a high level, there has been an increase in the number of routes incomplete each day, with recoveries sometimes taking more than 48 hours.

Any staff reporting Covid symptoms requires LCC to stand down whole crews until they have had a PCR test.

There also continue to see excess waste being generated.

The order of priority to complete and recover routes will remain black – green – brown.

As it is very difficult to predict on a day-to-day basis the number of teams available to be out collecting refuse it is difficult for LCC to indicate when missed bins may be collected.

Some garden/brown bin routes will not be recovered at all and have to wait for the next scheduled collection.

Where possible amendments are made to routes/collection dates in order to maximise what can be collected.

LCC have recruited more staff and secured more vehicles, but have daily challenges which are not easily addressed, hence, their need to prioritise black – green – brown, which will continue to be in place for some time.

LCC appreciate the frustration that this might cause, but  they will continue to do as much as possible to deliver an important front-line service  in the middle of an ongoing pandemic by making daily decisions on how best to prioritise collections and recover missed collections.


ECCUP 10 mile race will take place on Sunday 27th June. The race with around 1000 runners, will cause some disruption on local roads between the hours of 9am and 1pm. The affected roads can be found in the schedule below.
Long Causeway From its junction with Wayland Drive to its junction with Stairfoot Lane (for a short period at the start of the race only).
Back Church Lane The Whole (except for access to Headingley Golf Club from Long Causeway).
Church Lane From its junction with Back Church Lane to its junction with Eccup Lane.
Eccup Lane From its junction with Church Lane to its junction with Black Hill Lane.
Arthington Road From its junction with Eccup Lane to its junction with Black Hill Lane.
Black Hill Lane The Whole.
King Lane From its junction with Arthington Road to its junction with Alwoodley Lane.
Alwoodley Lane East-bound lane only from its junction with King Lane to its junction with Goodrick Lane. Two-way traffic flow will be maintained along this length.
Village Road The Whole.
Blacksmith Lane The Whole.
Eccup Moor Road The Whole.



11am – 12pm

Meet at the Parade, Breary Lane.

Bramhope in Bloom is joining all the litter picking groups around Leeds, organised by Sandra Mclean, to hold a mass litter picking event using purple litter bags, and would like you to join them,  You will need to record how many discarded masks and dog poop bags you pick up.  This will identify any problem issues around the Leeds area.

You will need to wear gloves and will be given a litter picker, bags and a hi vis jacket.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Safety rules will apply and are available on notice boards around Bramhope.


Thank you

Consultation on the review of the Dog and Smoking related Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO)

Leeds City Council have opened a consultation on a review relating to Dog and Smoking Related Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO).

The public survey is now live and can be accessed via the link below:-

LCC look forward to hearing your views on the proposals, which includes only minor amendments from the 2018 Order.  Please follow the link to provide any response.