Breary Lane East Development

Contact details for issues relating to Miller Homes site, Leeds City Council Planning Department and Highways Department

Listed below are contact details for Millers Homes and Leeds City Council Officers for any residents with issues relating to the building works taking place on the Breary Lane East site and associated roadworks for the new roundabout.

Millers Homes Contact details are:
Regional Office: 0870 336 4620 – during office hours
Miller Respect Hotline – 0800 083 6867 – outside office hours.

For issues relating to the Highways Works please contact Leeds City Council’s Highways department
Tel: 0113 222 4407
Twitter: @Leeds_highways

For Planning issues please contact Leeds City Council’s Planning department

Our Ward Councillor Cllr Billy Flynn is in regular contact with representatives from both Millers Homes and Leeds City Council Planning and Highways Officers and can assist residents with queries. Cllr Flynn can be contact on or on 07810 640282

Update from Leeds CC Flood Risk Management Team in relation to Miller Homes site

Please see below an update received from LCC Flood Risk Management Team on 8th November 2019.

We called by late yesterday as promised, and inspected the A660, The Poplars, The Rowans, The Cedars, The Birches, and the Sycamores including all the ditch channels and I am pleased to report that even despite all that rainfall, there was no evidence of any flooding and there were no tell-tale signs of any issues with the conveyance/functioning of the existing ditch channels.

A660 Leeds Road – Roundabout Works – Letter to residents

Please find the latest information for residents from Leeds City Council, regarding the works on the A660 Leeds Road to create a new roundabout, on the following Link.

Miller Homes Development – Breary Lane East and Leeds Road

Miller Homes Update – 1st October 2019
A660 Leeds Road, Bramhope – Start on Site of Highways works associated with Miller Development

The Parish Council have received notification that Leeds City Council Highways Department are now in a position to start the highway works associated with the Miller Homes residential development in Bramhope.

The start date is 21/10/2019. LCC will initially be setting up offices on site in the first weeks before the highway works can actually begin.

LCC are currently preparing ‘construction start’ letters to residents which will delivered by Tuesday 8th October. The letter will inform of the start date, contact names and it will also have details of an evening meeting for residents where stakeholders will be available to answer queries related to the highway works.

The evening meeting is being organised at the Village Hall (Robert Craven), Old Lane, Bramhope on Friday 11th October between 5.15pm – 7pm.

Miller Homes Update – 28th June 2019

The Parish Council has received notification this afternoon that work on the Miller Homes site at Breary Lane East is likely to commence week commencing 1st July 2019. The nature of the initial works have not been clarified and the Parish Council have requested further information. As soon as any additional information is received it will be posted on the website and Parish Council Facebook page.

Planning Update – Miller Homes Site

At a meeting held on 9th November LCC’s South and West Plans Panel agreed to ‘defer and delegate’ Miller Homes application ‘to officers, in consultation with ward members’. This includes decisions on access, highways, the siting, appearance and scale of buildings and the landscaping of the site. Cllr Billy Flynn spoke to the panel on behalf of the parish council.

A further meeting was held on 15th November with LCC’s planning and highways officers, representatives from Miller Homes, ward councillors and parish councillors. At this meeting significant progress was made including agreement on the following:

• LCC Highways will monitor traffic flows on The Poplars to assess the need for any future traffic management measures.

• subject to confirmation from Metro, bus shelters will be stone with a shingle roof.

• grass verges on the A660 and the site approach road will be planted with daffodils.

• Spring Wood will be extended to the north with no public access into this ancient woodland.

• Parts of the site will be included in a Biodiversity Enhancement and Management Plan and areas such as the duck pond will be left ‘natural in appearance.

• An underground storage tank and ‘balancing pond’ will be required for storm water storage.

• The car park at ‘Bramhope Park’ will contain some disabled parking spaces with parking limited to one hour.

• The Local Equipped Area for Play (LEAP) can be removed should there be problems with anti-social behaviour

• The dry stone walls will be built adjacent to the A660 and along the approach road, with those walls to the north and east of the orchard conserved.

• The ‘green conservation area character’ housing will now be used at all locations around the edges of the development and also for the convenience store.

The parish council would like to see more tree and hedge planting in and around the site, including standard trees and evergreens for immediate impact, and to reflect the rural fringe setting of the development. It has also been agreed that there will be further opportunities for the parish council to comment on the detailed landscape plans.

The parish council are concerned about the lack of affordable housing for the elderly and have asked for some of the dwellings to be allocated to the over 55s. There are also concerns about the effects of the convenience store on the viability of the local shops. However the store is to be built as the planning inspector gave permission with the view that it would make the site more sustainable.

Construction of the access roundabout is not expected to take place before May 2018. This is expected to take around 9 months with the method of construction aiming to keep disruption on the A660 to a minimum. Housing construction will possibly start in early 2019.

As outline planning permission, which cannot be withdrawn, was granted by a planning inspector last year, the Parish Council have been working to achieve the best possible outcome for the residents of Bramhope.

Breary Lane East Development – Reserved Matters Application for residential development of 319 dwellings, a convenience store and public open space

The reserved matters planning application for the Breary Lane East development site has been submitted by Miller Homes. The full application is available on the Leeds City Council website on the following Link. The deadline for comments to Leeds City Council is Friday 2nd June 2017.
The Parish Council will be holding a Planning Committee Meeting on 10th May 2017 at 6.00pm to discuss the application and formulate it’s comments. Members of the public are welcome to attend. The Parish Council’s continued aim is to ensure a smooth transition as possible and achieve the best possible outcome for the village.


Miller Homes Reserved Matters Application – Deadline for Comment 2nd June 2017

(update 07/05/17)
Further to the letter to all residents regarding the Reserved Matters Application submitted by Miller Homes, residents can now submit any comments on the application in three ways:

  • via the website at and then searching for 17/02312/RM. You will need to register your name, address and email address before you can comment.
  • by writing to Planning Services, Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds LS2 8HD
  • by email to

When writing or emailing please include the planning application number 17/02312/RM and supply your name and address. Anonymous comments are invalid.

The deadline for all comments is 2nd June 2017.

A copy of the letter to residents and the main drawings showing the layout of the site can be found on the links below;

Letter to Residents – Miller Homes 4 May 2017

The parish council is in the process of considering their response to Miller Homes detailed application. Below is a summary of the issues which it has been considering.

  • A traffic scheme to mitigate ‘rat running’ on roads such as The Poplars should be implemented before the roundabout is completed.
  • Roads signs and street lighting should be kept to a minimum to reflect the rural fringe setting
  • Bus shelters should be constructed of stone with a shingle roof cladding.
  • All grass verges to be planted with daffodils to replace those destroyed by the construction of the roundabout
  • Support the northern extension of Spring Wood
  • The removal of the footpath from the ancient woodland of Spring Wood is supported
  • Advocate the extension of Spring Wood to the south
  • A planted buffer zone of 15m is required on the western boundary of Spring Wood.
  • The trees and bushes adjacent the duck pond should be retained and the area left ‘natural’ in appearance
  • Support the provision of a pond at the south of the site which should contain water at all times to support aquatic species
  • A second or larger pond is preferred rather than an underground storage tank
  • The car park should be removed to encourage walking to the ‘park’
  • The construction/replacement of a dry stone wall adjacent to the A660 and the approach road to the development is supported.
  • Support the conservation of the dry stone wall to the north of the orchard
  • Advocate the conservation of the dry stone wall to the east of the orchard
  • Support the provision of a 5 metre planted buffer zone to the rear of the gardens of all the houses on Breary Lane East, Creskeld Lane & High Ridge Way, but this should include larger trees 5-6m in height and evergreens for immediate impact
  • The provision of a more substantial buffer of trees and hedges, including some evergreens and standard trees, around all the site boundaries is required in order to reflect the rural fringe setting of the development which is also adjacent to the green belt
  • There is a need for more roadside planting within the estate
  • The ‘green conservation area character’ housing should be used at all locations adjacent to the Bramhope conservation area, including High Ridge Way.
  • The ‘green conservation area character’ housing should be used adjacent to the approach to the development
  • The convenience store, if built, should also reflect the ‘green conservation area character’ style.
  • All views, when approaching the development, should be of the ‘green conservation area character’ housing
  • The ‘urban core character area’ housing is inappropriate as it does not respect the setting of a large development located on the rural fringe and adjacent to the green belt

The Parish Council’s full comment will be published on the website following the next Planning Committee Meeting on 10th May 2017.

Update January 2017

Residents will be aware that Miller Homes have been successful in their appeal against Leeds City Council’s refusal to grant planning permission for a development of up to 380 houses and a convenience store on the land bounded by Leeds Road and Breary Lane East. Millers have been granted outline planning permission by the Secretary of State subject to 33 planning conditions.
Even though it overrides significant local opposition and the policy of Leeds City Council, there is no realistic prospect of overturning the decision. The decision can only be challenged on legal grounds, and Leeds City Council has decided not to exercise its Right to Challenge as it is felt it would be futile.

Your Parish Council will work with the Ward Councillors to represent local views to Miller Homes and to the Highways and Planning Departments of Leeds City Council (who will have a significant impact on the details of the scheme) in order to mitigate the unwelcome aspects of the scheme and obtain the best possible outcome for the village within the confines of the planning consent.
The Parish Council held an extraordinary meeting last Thursday to review in detail the initial proposals put forward by Miller Homes at the consultation event on 5th January. The Council agreed: • to submit a detailed response to the proposals, identifying actions to improve the visual and environmental impact of the screen and expressing particular concerns over the proposed roundabout • to seek advice from our professional advisers on the scheme • to meet representatives of the Highways and Planning Departments of Leeds City Council at the earliest opportunity • to seek an early meeting with Miller Homes and their local representatives to ensure that Miller Homes recognise the importance of engaging with the Parish Council to address local issues.

The Parish Council wishes to hear the views of residents; in particular, whether the Parish Council should object to the proposed convenience store. Please contact the Parish Clerk or use the form on the Parish Council website (where there is further information).

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