Policies and Procedures

All Parish Council business and meetings are conducted in accordance with legislation governing the conduct of Parish Councils (the main piece of legislation being the Local Government Act 1972).

In addition the Parish Council business is conducted in accordance with Standing Orders and Financial Procedures, which are revised annually in light of national guidelines on best practice.

Standing Orders Rev November 2016 V9 23 Nov 2022
2016 November BPC Financial Regulations v6 January 2022 25 01 23
Statement of Internal Controls 23 11 22

Other Parish Council Policies & Procedures
Complaints Policy January 2018
Records Management Policy August 20

2020 Equality and Diversity Policy
2020 Sept Training and Development Policy
2020 Sept Grievance Policy
2020 Sept Disciplinary policy
Code of Conduct Feb 2022
Reserves Policy V1 25 01 23