Face Coverings Compulsory in shops from 24 July

Following the Government announced that wearing a face mask will be compulsory from 24 July in shops, LCC have forwarded the guidance below

  1. What is a face covering?
    ? Something which safely covers the nose and mouth – reusable or single-use.
    ? Can use scarf, bandana, religious garment or hand-made cloth covering.
    ? Not classified as PPE (personal protective equipment).
  2. The reason for using face coverings
    ? May reduce the spread of coronavirus droplets in certain circumstances.
    ? Not a replacement for social distancing/regular hand washing.
  3. How to wear a face covering
    A face covering should:
    ? Cover your nose and mouth while allowing you to breathe comfortably.
    ? Fit comfortably but securely against the side of the face.
    ? Be secured to the head with ties or ear loops
    ? Be made of a comfortable/breathable material e.g. cotton.
    ? Include at least two layers of fabric.
    ? Be washable (unless disposable).
    When wearing a face covering you should:
    ? Thoroughly wash/sanitise hands before putting on.
    ? Avoid wearing on neck or forehead.
    ? Avoid touching the part in contact with your mouth and nose.
    ? Change if it becomes damp or if you’ve touched it.
    When removing a face covering:
    ? Thoroughly wash/sanitise hands.
    ? Only handle straps, ties or clips.
    ? Don’t share with someone else to use.
    ? If single-use, dispose of it carefully in a residual waste bin and don’t recycle.
    ? If reusable, wash it in line with manufacturer’s instructions.
    ? Thoroughly wash/sanitise hands once removed.
  4. When to wear a face covering
    ? Public Transport (mandatory).
    ? Shops and Supermarkets as of 24 July 2020 (mandatory).
    ? Other enclosed public spaces where social distancing difficult (advisory).
  5. Exemptions to wearing a face covering where they are mandated
    ? Young children under the age of 11
    ? Physical/mental illness, impairment, or disability.
    ? If causes you severe distress.
    ? If assisting someone relying on lip reading to communicate.
    ? To avoid harm/injury, or risk of harm/injury, to yourself or others.
    ? If you must eat/drink.
    ? If you need to take medication.
    ? If police officer/other official requests you remove your face covering.
    ? Age identification.
    July 2020
    Face coverings: when to wear one & how to make you own
  6. Face coverings at work
    ? No universal face coverings guidance for workplaces.
    ? Employers must make sure risk assessments address COVID-19 risks.
    ? If employees choose face covering, normal policies re PPE/occupational workwear apply.
  7. Making your own face covering
    ? Make your own face covering.
  8. Maintaining/disposing of face coverings
    ? Store reusable face coverings in a plastic bag until washed.
    ? Clean any surfaces the face covering has touched.
    ? If eating in a restaurant, don’t place the face covering on the table.
    ? Wash regularly.
    ? Throw away if damaged.

Bramhope Village Volunteers

The end of shielding is on 1st August and on that date the activities of the Bramhope Coronavirus Community Help group will cease. It is proposed that residents who still need support after that date are transferred to a new group Bramhope Village Volunteers (BVV) which will be set up by the current admins as a legacy group for the village. It will carry out the same activities as the current group but could also include for example, recently discharged patients from hospital who need local support for a few weeks until they recover.

On behalf of the village the Parish Council would like to thank all the volunteers who set up and supported the Bramhope Coronavirus Community Help group over the past 3 -4 months and for continuing with the new legacy group BVV.

West Yorkshire devolution Consultation – open until 19th July 2020

Leaders of the five West Yorkshire councils have secured an ambitious devolution deal with Government, which will see an historic transfer of powers and investment from Whitehall to our region. It will give local control of at least £1.8 billion of funding to be spent on the things that matter to the people of West Yorkshire.

The deal means decisions across key areas, such as better transport, skills, the economy, housing and regeneration will be taken in West Yorkshire by people who know and understand the region, bringing benefits for rural and urban communities and improvements to people’s quality of life.

It will also mean a directly-elected mayor for West Yorkshire with elections being held in May 2021.

Following Executive Board last week, public consultation on the deal has now launched and will run until 19 July.

LCC would like as many residents as possible to engage in the public consultation. There are a number of ways in which this can be done

• Through the online survey on the West Yorkshire Combined Authority website: www.yourvoice.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/WYdevolution
• By email to wyconsultation@ipsos-mori.com
• By calling the freephone telephone number 0800 141 3657
• By post using the freepost address: Freepost WY Devolution Consultation

LCC Discretionary Grants – Covid-19

LCC have a new grant to assist businesses affected as a result of Covid-19. Further details can be found on the link below.

https://www.leeds.gov.uk/coronavirus/apply-for-a-discretionary-grant The key criteria is that the applicant :
1) Must be independent & employ less than 50 staff
2) Must not have received Covid grant assistance to date from the Council
3) Must be incurring fixed property costs (defined as rent/rates/service charges/fixed utility costs) of a minimum of £8,000 per annum
4) Must be able to demonstrate significant loss of actual/projected income/sales as a result of Covid (defined as a minimum of 25% reduction over 6 months – March-Sept 20)
5) Must operate from premises with a Rateable value below £51,000 or pay rent/mortgage payments of less than £51,000 pa.
The grant is 50% of fixed property costs over a 6 month period a minimum of £2,000 to a max of £10,000.

Bramhope Playground

The playground will remain closed until further notice. The Parish Council are currently risk assessing how the playground can be re-opened safely and within the government guidelines. Please do not use the playground in the meantime. Thank you

Connexions Bus Service

The Connexions minibus service that runs Bramhope to Otley and Asda, is back up and operating. You can find the latest timetable at http://www.connexionsbuses.com/conte…/uploads/2020/…/940.pdf
In summary the bus runs, from the village to Asda at 0923 and 1023 returning at 1030 and 1430, and from the village to Otley at 1044, returning from Otley at 1405. This may change as this is the covid timetable.

All buses stop anywhere on request along Breary Lane and Moor Road.